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Wet Nose Rescue is in the process of developing a new program called the Grey Nose Society, it's all about Senior dogs for Senior Citizens, It is currently in the developmental stages and there will be much more information to follow about it but we are very excited to be launching this program and will be looking for business and corporate sponsors who view this as a worthwhile effort.  Check back often for more details.

The Grey Nose Society

Grey Nose Society, Daniella

Senior Dogs do not have much of a survival rate in a shelter environment.  People surrender seniors for a number of reasons that range from, "they're no longer a cute little puppy" to they are having occasional accidents in the house, they cost too much in vet bills or they want to trade them in for a new puppy.  Although these are outrageous reasons and many of us would be appalled, it happens every single day.  Then there are also legitimate reasons that can range from the death of an owner and the children either can't or do not want to take on the dog, or a Senior person having to move into an Assisted Living situation or a nursing home where they cannot take their beloved pet with them.  The bottom line is these senior dogs did nothing to create this destiny other than grow old, as will we all.

They Grey Nose Society is a new addition to Wet Nose Rescue.  Many senior dogs have a multitude of wonderful things to offer a family and although they may not be quite as fast and nimble as they were at one time, they are usually somewhat quieter and looking for a slower paced environment, which may be the perfect situation for some families.  They are also usually trained have a tremendous amout of love and affection to give.  Senior people frequesntly look forward to this personality as opposed to a bouncy young puppy that requires a lot of physical work for training and picking up after.  Also, a couple that works all day may have the perfect solution for the older dog that is perfectly content to lay around for the bulk of the day and nap.  With this in mind we are creating a new program to help these wonderful dogs continue living out what remains of their lives in a loving, happy environment, with people that love them.  These particular dogs usually have so very much love to give back and  require so little, it is the least we can do for them.

We are working on two programs to help get these seniors out of shelters.  The first will entail greatly reducing the adoption fee to $50.  This does not in any way determine the value of these special guys to be less; it is an incentive to people to make the idea of a senior dog more enticing.  At the same time, we are reaching out to veterinarians along with grooming facilities and dog related businesses to offer a discount to people who adopt our senior dogs.  We would promote their business to every adopter and also make sure people were made aware of their generosity and hopefully generate additional business to their practices.  Our adopters would be given a discount card, along with a listing of all participants to show they adopted through The Grey Nose Society and therefore be entitled to a discount.  The second program we are working on would be "Seniors for Seniors".  This would be a full sponsorship for a limited number of senior dogs going to senior people.  Many times seniors are on a limited income and although they would dearly love to have a senior dog in their lives, they most likely do not have the funds to handle the special needs of a senior dog.  Wet Nose Rescue will cover the cost of vetting, food and other needs of a senior dog in need.  Wet Nose would consider this a Forever Foster, so we could continue raising funds for their care.  The program would be offered to as many seniors as funds would allow..  Wet Nose would continue to make all final decisions as to medical care in conjunction with the Forever Fosters input.  We are hoping to get donors that will help us with this program on whatever level they are able to, whether it is a full sponsorship for a particular dog or possibly monthly support to go into a general fund for continued care for a senior.

We truly believe if we work together as a community, we will make a difference in both a senior person and a senior dog's life.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please get in touch with us.  We are still working on details but would love to hear from you.  We have our first senior dog, Daniella, who is ten years old in a Forever Foster home.  This wonderful girl spent her entire life chained up outside having litters of puppies, one after another, despite this terrible life she is a wonderful girl and will spend the rest of her life in a home with people that will love and care for her.


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The Grey Nose Society - A New Seniors for Seniors Program


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