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Becoming a foster family for Wet Nose Rescue

We are 100% foster-based and rely on foster families to care for our adult dogs and puppies until they are adopted. While we have an adoption center, we do not kennel dogs there. The dogs we rescue come from high kill shelters -- by going directly into a foster home, the dog or puppy has an opportunity to become socialized with families and many times with other dogs, rather than waiting in a kennel for their forever home.

We ask you to please consider becoming a foster parent to a dog or puppy in need, it is an amazing experience.

By fostering you are:

  • Helping a dog not deteriorate in a shelter environment. Shelter life can be extremely stressful, scary and confusing.
  • Freeing up a spot in the shelter so the rescue can take another dog.
  • Socializing the dog to a home environment and acclimating him to life around other pets/children/adults.
  • You are giving a dog a chance at life.
Qualifications of a Foster Parent

You must be 18 years or older and be able to provide a safe, loving and stable environment for your foster dog/puppy.

Will I be responsible for finding the Dog/Puppy a home?

No, Wet Nose Rescue is responsible for finding the dog/puppy a loving home. We will ask you to bring your foster pet to our adoption events. If you are unable to stay with your foster, we will have volunteers help.

Can I foster if I already have a pet?

Absolutely! Many under-socialized dogs/puppies actually do better in foster homes with other animals. Pets owned by foster families must be up to date on vaccines and spayed or neutered.

What supplies will I need?

Wet Nose Rescue will supply everything that you need- a crate, food, toys and bowls. We will also cover the cost of any medical expenses your foster dog/puppy may have.

But I won’t be able to let go of my foster dog/puppy

This is one of the hardest parts of fostering. Yes, it will pull at your heartstrings, but our foster families can meet the adopting families and frequently stay in touch with them. The best part is knowing you’ve played a big part in saving this dog’s life, and now you have room to save another. It is truly one of the greatest feelings! Many of our foster families have asked to adopt one of the dogs they are fostering and as long as we don’t already have the dog promised to another family, the foster does have the option to adopt their foster.

Someone else will say yes, there are plenty of other foster homes...

They won’t and there aren’t -- it’s that simple. These dogs/puppies are helpless, alone and scared and they need you.

My personal experience with fostering:

"I wanted to share my experience with fostering an adult dog from Wet Nose Rescue. I had the pleasure of fostering a German Shepherd mix by the name of Trevor. Poor Trevor was a stray and he was so timid. He would cower down when I raised my hand in fear and then when I would gently pet him, his little tail would not stop wagging. He was afraid to go to sleep, maybe because when he was on his own, he always had to be on guard. I would hold him until he felt safe and closed his eyes. After a few days he started to realize that we were not going to hurt him and he seemed so much happier. He is a gentle dogwho just needed to be shown love. It was an amazing experience to watch him grow with love and it warmed my heart when he was adopted by a loving family."
~ Lisa M.

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